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Bone Strengthening

Osteoporosis is an increasing public health problem that causes loss of life and reduced quality of life in sufferers.


These risk factors are just as relevant as a bone mass measurement in determining how likely you are to have a fracture. People with low bone mass but no additional risk factors often don’t develop fractures. People with small amounts of bone loss but many risk factors are more likely to eventually develop fractures.

Fractures caused by osteoporosis are often painful. Osteoporosis itself, however, has no symptoms. It is often called the ‘silent disease’ or ‘silent thief’ as many people don’t recognize they have it until a fracture occurs. For this reason it is especially important to get tested if you are a woman past menopause and have any of the above risk factors. Women over 65 should be tested whether or not they have other risk factors. People with other bone problems or who take drugs that weaken the bones should also be tested. An initial screening for osteoporosis is painless and easy.

Bone Strengthening

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