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Best Physiotherapy Clinic in Mulund, Mumbai

Physiofitguru is one of the best physiotherapy clinic in Mulund West, centrally located in Mumbai. Dr. Ajay Yadav, founder-owner of Physiofitguru, has envisioned to develop Physiofitguru as an integrated rehabilitation center in Mumbai.

At Physiofitguru we offer comprehensive care and support in physiotherapy, fitness, and wellness. We focus on treating patients without medicine and surgery. At our physiotherapy centre in Mulund, we have made it possible for more than 10000+ patients to avoid surgeries to repair their back, neck, or knee issues. This relates well to our performance.

We are complete physiotherapy clinic in Mulund as our focus of approach relies mainly on treatment and patient education. Our team works in conjunction to treat the patient holistically to incorporate the patient’s mental well-being and physical rehabilitation.

Apart from the requisite physiotherapy equipment, Physiofitguru has a specially imported cell repair device based on German technology. The cell repair device works to revive the cell tissue with exceptionally great results in treating patients suffering from neck, back and knee issues, and paralysis patients.

The clinic is well spaced out and well maintained in extremely neat, clean and hygienic conditions.
Practicing since 15 years, Physiofitguru in Mulund has treated 1,00,000 patients, including some of the most eminent Indian personalities. Personal physio for Mr. Parth Jindal and Mr. Pravin Tambe. 

Our physiotherapy clinic in Mulund West is powered with an exceptionally qualified and experienced team, including :

Dr. Ajay Yadav


B.P.Th, M.P.Th (ORTHO), MHOTPT, CMP (New Zealand)
Consulting Orthopaedic Sports Physiotherapist,
Manual Therapists,
Fitness Consultant

Reg No. MHOTPT Reg – 006001

15+ Years Experience

Sports Physio for TATA Marathon

Ex Sports Physio of Indian Cricket for blind 2017

Dr. Ajay Yadav

Specialised Consultant for Back/Neck/Spine Problems with modernised diagnoses methods and treatments.


Our Physiotherapist Specialised In

At Physiofitguru, we are very proud of our facilities, and our rehabilitation gym has everything you need to get you back to full fitness. Physiotherapy is a science-based profession, and treatments are based on evidence of what works from properly designed clinical trials. We are experts in treating and offering professional advice for


Back Pain

Physiotherapy certainly helps to reduce back pain and help the patient to resume normal activities. Physiotherapy exercises for back pain improve the movement and functioning of the back. These exercises can include a combination of active therapy, aerobic and stretching exercises.


Disc Bulge

Disc Bulge refers to an injury to the disc located between the spine's bony segments due to trauma or repetitive activity. Physiotherapy to treat a disc bulge focuses on mobilization and soft tissue release and low back strengthening exercises. It is essential to include core strengthening exercises too.


Neck Pain

Muscle strain or stuck joint, degenerative disc disease of the cervical spine, or cervical radiculopathy can cause neck pain. The physiotherapy schedule will focus on improving the range of motion, manipulation, and soft tissue release. The intent is to stabilize the neck region and strengthen it.


Slipped Disc

A slipped disc refers to the injury to discs in the spinal cord. Repetitive actions especially bending, twisting, and lifting, coupled with aging, can injure the disc leading to a slipped disc. Our physiotherapist will suggest suitable exercises, including core strengthening exercises, to keep the back strong and healthy.


Sports Physiotherapy​

Physiofit Guru offers customized sports physiotherapy services for sportspeople. Along with this, Physiofit Guru offers nutrition and medication evaluation and counseling. This segment focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of sports related injuries and illnesses.


Bone Strengthening

Physiofit Guru recommends the best physiotherapy exercises for strengthening bones and muscles. Bone strengthening exercises prevent bone thinning, risk of injury to bones due to falls, and assist in pain management. Also, Strong and healthy bones and muscles relate to a healthy, active, and independent lifestyle.

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Physiofitguru’s Approach in treating a patient

First, we understand the medical history and conduct extensive assessment of the patient. Then our team focuses on :

Patient Education – With regards to the affected body part, the patient will be informed on –

Rehabilitation –

Modification in lifestyle and guidelines – Our Physiotherapist will offer –


Why Us

“We not only treat the patients but also revitalise them by adding Life to Body as per our Motto”

Measurable Clinical Outcome

Physiofitguru offers customized physiotherapy treatment suggestions with measurable outcomes. We pay extra attention to the core issue and offer the best possible physiotherapy solution.


Personalized Care Plans

We take adequate efforts to devise a personalized care plan for every patient. We understand that each patient is unique regarding the extent of pain, body parameters, recovery schedule, and body strength.


Appointment at a Convenient Time

Physiofitguru is always available to attend to patients at a convenient time. Please visit us at the clinic or call us on 9833175338 and schedule the appointment. We strive for the speedy and full recovery of the patient for the best results.


1-to-1 Care and Attention

Indeed, it is essential to perform physiotherapy exercises under supervision. At Physiofitguru, patients can connect with a physiotherapist during their scheduled appointment. They can review and evaluate their condition and revise the suggested exercises in case of issues.


Recover at the Comfort of Home

The team at Physiofitguru is available for home visits if the patients are unable to visit the clinic. The patients can seek personalized physiotherapy sessions at the comfort of their homes. Home visits save a great deal of time and effort for the patients.

Video Testimonial

What My Clients​​ Say about Me

Actually I had knee legament tear in the month of Jan-20. I could not able to walk properly or climb staircase. I took aurthopedic treatment but there was no much improvement. I consulted Dr.Ajay in the month of March20. He has done proper diagnosis & suggested few exercises which I have done regularly. Now I can walk as well as climb staircase without any problem.
Excellent, spacious place, it's a complete rehab clinic, combination of physiotherapy, fitness and spirituality. Thanks a lot to therapists,I m really satisfied with the place, ambiance, with Dr and staff. Thanks once more for the reduce my pain.
Excellent and spacious clinic with great treatment tools. Dr. Ajay is very calm, patient and takes his time to treat you and determine the best course of care. Friendly doctor, always happy to help and assist with any requests. I will highly recommend this place to anyone that is looking to get better."



PhysiofitGuru is reputed physiotherapy centre that focuses on integrated approach of treatment. The focus is on healing the patient at mental level for better physical recovery without medicines and surgical procedures as far as possible. PhysiofitGuru offers state of the art cell repair therapy for better recovery.

The physiotherapist will examine the patient with reference to ailment and understand the condition of the patient. This will require information related to the past medical conditions along with medicine intake. The physiotherapist will plan an exercise protocol to improve the mobility and functioning of that part of the body. The exercise protocol can include a combination of two or more therapies such as active exercises, passive exercises, cold compression, hot fomentation, and so on.

Physiotherapy is a rehabilitation modality. It focuses on improving the functioning of the specific organ of the body for normal mobility. The number of sessions required depends upon the extent of injury along with the motivational level of the patient to recover.

Well, this differs from patient to patient. It is advisable to do the prescribed physiotherapy exercises in the presence of the physiotherapist. The physiotherapist will guide the patient to perform them in the right manner and also measure the improvement after a couple of sessions.

After initial sessions and on the advice of the physiotherapist, the patient can do these exercises at home.

In case, physiotherapists do home visits only if the patient is unable to travel. But they do prefer to work in professionally set up environment that includes suitable physiotherapy equipment for best results.

Yes, Physiofit Guru is known for its sports physiotherapy treatment. The physiotherapist will suggest prescribe a customized exercise schedule for quick return to sports activity. At the same time, the sports person will receive advice on how to prevent recurrence of the injury. The main aim when treating sports person is to make them return to active sports and improve their performance.

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