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Our Work

We have found successful solutions to help people with acute, sub-acute and chronic problems, and when we are in doubt about our ability to help a patient,  we unhesitatingly refer them to the correct doctor/ facility. We work with several leading physicians and surgeons to impart health and pain relief.

We also work with schools, organizations, and sports academies to promote health, give ergonomic advice, and prescribe preventive exercises and diet plans.



At Physiofitguru we are very proud of our facilities and our rehabilitation gym has everything you need to get you back to full fitness. Physiotherapy is a science based profession and treatments are based on evidence of what works from properly designed clinical trials.

Back Pain

Disc Bulge

Neck Pain

Slipped Disc

Sports Physiotherapy

Bone Strengthening


Postual Correction

General Strengthening


Is there a waiting list for treatment?

No, we can often see patients within 24-48 hours of their enquiry.

How many treatments will I need?

This will depend upon your diagnosis. Your physiotherapist will discuss this with you at your initial assessment and give you a guide as to how many treatments would be beneficial to you- we do NOT see you more than is necessary

How long is a treatment session?

Your initial treatment will range between 45 minutes and 1 hour

What sort of conditions do you treat?

We treat all conditions relating to soft tissue, bones and joints If you are unsure about whether we can treat your problem, please call us- we are here to help you