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At Physio Solutions we are very proud of our facilities and our rehabilitation gym has everything you need to get you back to full fitness.

Physiotherapy is a science based profession and treatments are based on evidence of what works from properly designed clinical trials. All of the current evidence now conclusively shows that the all treatment programs for musculoskeletal conditions that contain a form of rehabilitation and exercise alongside hands on treatment get better results than hands on treatment alone or other types of treatment and even surgery in some cases. These studies also demonstrate that these improvements are maintained with exercise and there is less re-occurrence in the future.

To understand why rehabilitation is so important you need to understand “Why did my injury happen in the first place? Why there? Why me? Why now?”

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Depending on your injury there are various rehabilitation options that will be appropriate for you. As part of your treatment you will be prescribed exercises to do. These exercises will aid in your recovery. Many of these can be done at home and do not require special equipment apart from elastic tubing that we will give you. We will give you a comprehensive list of exercises with diagrams that will make it easy for you to do at home.

We will also email this list along with videos of each exercise if you prefer. Then I am afraid it is up to you to do them! If you do them you will get better quicker and stay better. Good for you and your pocket!!

The answer is often complex and is down to many different factors. Small imbalances in the strength of one muscle group to another, poor movement patterns learned through poor postures or lifestyle, lack of flexibility in one joint causing injury to another. The list is complex. Rehabilitation will aim to address some of these imbalances.

Also exercise encourages your tissues to heal. Your body heals in response to exercise and stress by laying down new collagen fibres along the line of stress. Also it stimulates the release of chemicals and growth factors with the tissues that stimulate healing. This leads to a stronger scar tissue and quicker healing. The art of rehabilitation is doing the right type and amount of exercise to stimulate healing while not doing too much that may be harmful. This is why programs designed and supervised by a chartered physio are the best for you.

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The other option we provide is for supervised rehabilitation classes. We take 3-4 people in our gym for an hour and guide you through your rehabilitation.

We can progress your treatment along and make sure your technique is right. You also have the use of our specialised equipment which gives you greater scope for exercise. It is not essential but we try and group certain conditions together for this purpose i.e. shoulder, knee, hip back, sports injury rehab classes. If the treatment you require is more rehabilitative and exercises based rather than hands on this is a very cost effective way of getting the best results. Before entering one of our classes you will need an initial one to one assessment and treatment session where we can diagnose your injury and set up your rehabilitation protocol.