Is Physiotherapy Effective for Neck Pain?

Many people in Mulund suffer from chronic neck pain. It is maybe because of their improper sitting posture. Are you suffering from neck pain as well? Do you want a solution that is long-lasting and effective? Well, you can go for physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy is the most preferred procedure for chronic neck pain. Your physiotherapy clinic in Mulund will create programs for neck pain using treatments to reduce stiffness and pain. Then, exercise programs are utilized to increase the strengthening and stretching ability of your neck. 

The exercises and techniques used in physiotherapy can vary from person to person. Most physiotherapy programs have set aims which your specialist will try to achieve.

 Aim of Physiotherapy for Neck Pain

 Physiotherapy for neck pain often has the below aims:

  • Reduces pain and stiffness  
  • Enhances head and neck range of motion
  • Build active strengthening for your neck
  • Develop its supporting muscles
  • Create a plan that stops pain from recurring

 Physiotherapy still helps you enhance neck function and posture for everyday movements if pain cannot be eliminated. Now that you know what a physiotherapy program will do for you, let us move on to using physiotherapy for neck pain.

When is Physiotherapy Recommended for Neck Pain?

Physiotherapy for your neck pain helps in various situations. It can help you in cases including:

  • Unspecified chronic pain: If neck pain keeps coming back, the actual pain’s source can be challenging to find. Also, without diagnosing the pain, raising your neck’s muscles strength can help you. Physiotherapy strengthens your cervical spine and gets more resistant to neck pain.
  • Recovering from injury: Few injuries, like whiplash, can damage your neck’s joints and soft tissues. This results in stiffness and pain that can continue for weeks or longer. A physiotherapy program can reduce pain and can return your neck to function normally.
  • Recovering from surgery: Surgeries done on your neck can result in immense stiffness and pain. It goes on for weeks and months. Physiotherapy can help in working through such stiffness. It can improve neck function and reduce or avoid pain in your muscles as they heal.

Physiotherapy for your neck is also helpful in other circumstances. It can be a component of a larger treatment plan for chronic conditions or other diseases.

Now that you know when to go for physiotherapy let us discuss when you should avoid physiotherapy.

 When to Avoid Physiotherapy for Neck Pain

In a few cases, physiotherapy does not help decrease your neck pain. Rather, it can increase the issue even more. Physiotherapy is not suggested for chronic neck pain if you have any of the below conditions:

  • Significant spinal instability: In a few cases, the cervical spine is not firm enough for exercise. Instability happens if a vertebral bone gets fractured or spinal degeneration causes a spinal cord or a nerve root’s compression. In these conditions, your spine needs to be stabilized first. This avoids additional injury before continuing a physiotherapy program.
  • Severe underlying medical issue: If your neck pain is because of a tumour or infection, the underlying cause needs to be solved first. For instance, if a cancerous tumour causing neck pain, performing exercises will not decrease the tumour size. Instead, it can develop and make your condition worse. 

 Few other reasons for not trying physiotherapy also exist, like if your body cannot handle the treatment well. Now that you know when you should avoid physiotherapy for neck pain, let us discuss some of the methods involved in physiotherapy treatment.

 Physiotherapy Treatment Methods

The two common ways of physiotherapy include:

Passive physiotherapy: It includes using treatments that need no effort from your end. Many treatment methods are available, like:

  • Heat therapy
  • Massage therapy
  • Ultrasound
  • Electrotherapy
  • Applying ice packs

Passive physiotherapy’s primary goal is to help reduce swelling and pain in your neck.

Active physiotherapy: It includes moving your body for stretches and exercises. This physiotherapy form helps in increasing the strength and flexibility of your neck. Hence, the muscle becomes less painful, and you can maintain good posture. A good posture decrease stress on your cervical spine.

Physiotherapy for neck pain starts with passive procedures. As time passes, more active procedures are slowly added to the physiotherapy program. So, how effective are these treatment programs?

How Effective is Physiotherapy for Neck Pain?

Many studies have tested whether or not physiotherapy can reduce neck pain. 

The results are that physiotherapy does have a role in decreasing neck pain and enhancing range of motion. Physiotherapy, if used with other programs, like aerobic activity, is proved to be more effective.

Yet, physiotherapy’s results are based on how well you are going to follow a prescribed program. If you perform an exercise with poor form or inconsistently, it reduces the chances that the treatment would work. Consult a physiotherapist in Mulund. They will create an individualized treatment program as per your condition.

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