How can physiotherapy help you in tennis elbow?

  • Are you experiencing pain in your elbow that sometimes extends to your lower arm?
  • Are you feeling stiffness in your elbow and forearm area?
  • Is it getting worse due to particular activities that require your elbow movement and lifting things?

Then you may have seen that the pain is less if you take proper rest. Well, these are the indications, you may be experiencing tennis elbow. It would be best if you profited appropriate treatment for the issue.

This article will give you a comprehension of this condition and some valuable treatment methods. Many people in Mumbai are facing the same condition. Sometimes they do not even know that they have developed the complication called tennis elbow.

Whereas, to ease the pain, they are using various over the counter medications and ointments. But the result is a total waste of both time and money both. If you are a physically active person and use your hands every time to work, you need to take proper care. Other than this, you can lose your hand mobility.

Physio fit guru, the most famous physiotherapy clinic in Mumbai, is here to help you in treating tennis elbow.

First, we should understand what tennis elbow is?

Tennis elbow is a typical physical issue related to stiffness and pain in your elbow joint. Generally, it happens due to the overutilization of your elbow joint in regular life. If you are experiencing inflammation and degeneration to the tendons on your outer part of the elbow, you can feel the same.

Sports personalities face the same issue of tennis elbow and related joint pain due to their overactive life.

Tennis and badminton players are the most affected persons due to tennis elbow. Other than them, people who use their wrist and elbow joint excessively can develop this. For example, we can say painters, plumbers, cooks, etc.  

Now that we have understood what tennis elbow is let us find the causes of the same.


Overuse of wrist and elbow muscles due to –

  • Carrying suitcases and luggage for a prolonged period.
  • Using tools in construction work.
  • Bent elbow while sleeping at night.
  • Hand movement in tennis.
  • Sudden pressure on your wrist and elbow.  
  • Accident and injury to your wrist and elbow.

How physiotherapy can benefit from tennis elbow:

Physiotherapy can ease your severe pain arising from tennis elbow by a proper treatment plan. It aims to reduce the painful inflammation in your elbow region. Hence, it gradually strengthens your wrist extensors.

The treatment includes the following things.

  • Tennis elbow restricts your wrist and elbow movement as a result of pain and tightness. All you need to do is stretching your muscles as per your comfort level. Everybody cannot extend properly due to pain. However, you can do it slowly and gradually increase after the pain goes. You can try expanding and folding your arms in both upwards and downwards direction. It will help you to improve your hand movement.
  • You will require joint mobilization. Physiotherapy can help you to ease the pain in your joint by providing massage in your joints. An experienced physiotherapist like us can reduce the movement by understanding the situation appropriately. We will discharge pressure on delicate tissues and nerves. Eventually, it will benefit you in the movement of joints.
  • We can provide you with a soft tissue massage as well. It gives relaxation to your muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Hence, the flexibility of your joints improves gradually. It also helps to improve your blood circulation.
  • Hot and cold therapy is another useful measure. It helps to reduce your pain. So, which one should you opt for? Well, it depends on your requirements. Heat can relieve you from tight joints, repat pain, and muscle fits. One thing you should remember that do not to apply heat for more than twenty minutes. On the other hand, cold can ease your recent pain.  

Whatever the type of pain you are facing, do not hesitate to visit us. We will provide you with the best treatment for your tennis elbow and related issues. Contact us now. Till then, stay well.

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