How can physiotherapy help you after knee replacement surgery?

If you are thinking about Knee replacement surgery to get relief from severe and continuous knee pain, it will help you. You will get back freedom from constant pain for a long time.

Here you need to understand that physiotherapy has a significant role to play after the knee replacement treatment. You need to undergo physiotherapy treatment right after the surgery as a part of your recovery procedure.

Physiotherapy in Mulund, Mumbai, can help you have one of the best quality rehab facilities after your knee replacement surgery. It will help you to walk, climb stairs, and return to your regular activities easily and quickly.

So, what type of physiotherapy you can expect right after your surgery?

Do not be surprised to know that you can start the physio exercises from the next day of your knee replacement surgery. Though you will have a newly replaced knee joint and fresh stitches yet, the activity will not hurt you. Your physiotherapist can visit you in your cabin and help you to do those exercises. Remember, all of these exercises are safe and mandatory for your

  • Knee joint movement.
  • Regaining strength of your leg.
  • Restoring your smooth walk.

Generally, you need to stay one to three days in hospital after your surgery. Here also you need the help of your physiotherapist for the exercise. You may avail of our rehab facility or avail of our home physiotherapy service according to your requirements. We will help you to get your required physiotherapy four to six days a week for several weeks.

The time duration and pattern of exercise will be different for every patient. We, as your physiotherapist, will decide the best exercise plan according to your requirements.

So, how will be your recovery schedule?

If you are availing rehab facility, then you do not need to worry about when and what about your physical exercise. We will carefully handle all your requirement. But, in case you avail the home care, you need to obey the following things-

Heal your wound- Avid soaking water to your injury and seal the area until it is healed. Follow your doctor’s advice on when you can take a shower after the surgery.

Proper diet- Having a proper diet is compulsory to recover as early as possible. You need to eat nutritious foods. Take iron supplements and fiber-rich food to lower the possibility of problems related to medications.

Move your knee– At first, you should walk inside and then take steps outside slowly. Do proper physiotherapy exercise a few times a day.

Now that you have understood that exercise is compulsory, let us find the proper plan for it:

It would help you if you keep in mind that doing exercise does not mean a rigorous workout. You can avail yourself of twenty to thirty minutes of physio exercise twice or thrice a day. It would be best if you walked at least for half an hour in the beginning.

  • On your first day at the hospital, you will put your body weight on your knee and may walk a few steps. Here your physiotherapist will help you. You will get a few physiotherapy exercises along with these, like tightening your thigh muscles, pumping your ankles, moving your foot, etc.
  • On the second day, you will do exercise to strengthen your muscles. You will practice bending and straightening your knee. You will walk again with the help of a walker or crutches.
  • From the third day to the fifth day, you will continue with the physio exercise and start climbing stairs as a part of your healing routine.
  • From the fifth day to the fourth week after the surgery, you will increase your exercise level as your knee gets stronger. You may start paddling along with your other exercises.

After all these procedures, you will be healed and enjoy your regular life. Have an appointment with the Physio Fit guru to avail of the treatment.

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